YuMeiHo® Courses

YuMeiHo® Courses

Who can participate?

Who can participate?

To be qualified for YuMeiHo® course you need to possess sufficient and proven knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. If you have NVQ level 3 or higher in massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, personal training etc. or university degree in specialization which covers those subjects that should qualify you.

It is important as well to have experience in working directly with the human body.

As YuMeiHo® therapy techniques are very precise it will be an advantage if you have previous experience in “hands-on” work with a client.

The final decision in regards to your qualification to the course will be taken after an interview.

What qualification do I get?

Dr Saionji Masayuki Saiki Otsuki

After completing a course there is an exam.

The first part of the exam is written and we will check your anatomy, physiology and biomechanics knowledge, as well as the theory that you have learned about YuMeiHo® therapy.

The second part of the exam is oral and practical. You will perform some of the YuMeiHo® therapy techniques. While showing your manual skill we ask you to describe technique as well as expected effects and possible side effects.

You will get your results on the same day and if you pass your certificate will be issued directly after the exam.

Now you are Dan 2 qualified and you can start practising YuMeiHo® therapy, however, you will be under constant supervision of designated and experienced therapist.

Within the next 12 to 15 months from your successful completion of the course, you need to undertake an exam for Dan 3, to become a fully qualified YuMeiHo® therapist.

What if I fail the exam?

What if I fail?

If you fail, you can continue your learning with a designated and experienced therapist. During the next YuMeiHo® course you can retake an exam without the need to complete the course again.

As it is important for us to keep a high level of our practitioners and uphold YuMeiHo® Institute standards we provide high-quality training and those participants who attend all training sessions usually receive high scores on the exam.

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