About Yumeiho® Therapy

Yumeiho® Therapy is a profound holistic Japanese technique of deep tissue massage and manual therapy, aiming to improve and maintain our entire physical, mental and emotional health.

The beauty and uniqueness of this therapy is in its theory to restore the balance and symmetry of the body, by applying about 100 massage techniques by kneading and compression and adjustments of the vertebral column, hip bones and joints.

During the massage the body’s self-healing process is getting activated – allowing the harmonious energy flow across our system- while the energy blocks and the tension of the muscles are gently getting dissolved.

Backache, sciatica, scoliosis, slipped discs, joint problems and muscle tension are just some of the health issues that can be successfully treated with Yumeiho® Therapy. The additional benefit of this technique is the feeling of total relaxation and rejuvenation, which most of my clients describe as getting taller, stronger or straighter.

The roots of Yumeiho® therapy are coming from traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine elements, such as the ancient Zheng Fa Ti practice (manual therapeutic applications used within the famous Shaolin Temple).

Dr. Saionji Masayuki is the founder of the Yumeiho® therapy, who studied over two decades various traditional therapeutic practices to consolidate into the presently used Yumeiho® Therapy (the full name being KOTSUBAN YUMEIHO® TAISO).

Yumeiho® Therapy is spread worldwide under the leadership of the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PRACTICAL PREVENTIVE MEDICINE in TOKYO – JAPAN.

At present, the director of the Yumeiho® Institute in Tokyo is Mr Hisayuki Ozaki, 7 dan teacher and therapist.

Yumeiho® Therapy is practised in over 30 countries in various medical centres, private offices, clinics, recovery centres or medical research institutions within which the clinic experience and the investigations conducted by scientific methods have proven the complexity and multitude of the beneficial effects of this therapy.

Useful links:

https://yumeiho.eu/ – European Yumeiho Center, directed by Dr. Maciej Dluski Sensei, 7 dan. Teacher and Therapist

https://yumeiho.jp/ – Yumeiho Center in Tokyo, Japan, directed by Hisayuki Ozaki Sensei, 7 dan Teacher and Therapist