About YuMeiHo®

About YuMeiHo®

YuMeiHo® therapy is a holistic Japanese massage therapy used to treat many health conditions as well as to improve mental and physical health.

Backache, sciatica, scoliosis, slipped discs, joint problems and muscle tension are just some of the health issues that can be successfully treated with YuMeiHo®. The additional benefit of YuMeiHo® therapy is the feeling of total relaxation and rejuvenation, which most of my clients describe as getting taller, stronger or straighter.

YuMeiHo® therapy was created by PhD Saionji Masayuki Saiki Otsuki, director of International Institute of Medical Prevention in Tokyo registered now as a YuMeiHo® Institute. At present, the director of YuMeiHo® Institute in Tokyo is Mr Hisayuki Ozaki.

The main aim of the YuMeiHo® therapy is to correct the pelvic bones position and to set the vertebral column properly, and thus to mobilize the auto therapeutic forces of the organism and to reach the cause of pathological state.

YuMeiHo® is a therapeutic system consisting of a number of procedures (depending on a pathologic state). One treatment lasts for about 40 minutes during which a therapist uses around 100 different techniques. They include massage by kneading, compression and mobilization of all joints carried out in an original and pain-free manner (SEITAI – what could be understood as Japanese chiropractic).

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