Michal Miodonski

Michal Miodonski

YuMeiHo® Dan4

Location: South London, Tooting, Sutton

I have a wide perspective on health and well-being so whether you are searching for back pain solution or you are orientated on body-mind-soul balance, I am happy to assist you.

I graduated with a Master degree in Physical Education in 2002. Since 1999 I have worked as a massage therapist and since 2000 as a chiropractor until in 2007, when I discovered the potential of the YuMeiHo® therapy.
As well as in YuMeiHo® therapy I possess qualifications in many other manual therapies. My experience showed me that it is YuMeiHo® therapy that I enjoy performing the most as it is a very effective therapy for my clients.

From the age of 15, I started to recommend diet and supplements to my family and friends. Now I continuously help my clients to adjust their diet and obtain the best supplements.

I work professionally as well as a Transformational and Small Business Coach, and Clinical and Regressive Hypnotist.

Please have a look at the “About me” tab on this website. For the mental and spiritual part of my work please follow me on Facebook and YouTube. You can also visit www.ramante.co.uk


Mobile: 0 7427 642 869

Email: yumeiho@ramante.co.uk


English, Polish

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