Laszlo Medgyes

Laszlo Medgyes

YuMeiHo® Dan3

Location: Nottingham

I have seen somebody carrying out Yumeiho therapy in Hungary first and I instantly knew it was something I had to learn.
I found Yumeiho to be a very effective healing method not only for back pain but for treating many other illnesses, aches and pains too.

So I felt inspired to take my interest further and I started my training in Hungary. Subsequently, I practiced Yumeiho in three countries, including the UK. I feel honored to be a practitioner and found it rewarding to be able to effectively treat people who suffered often for years before trying out Yumeiho.

I am also an experienced Energy Healer (Reiko, Arolo Tifar, etc.).


0 7964 296 787


English, Hungarian, Romanian

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