Gabi Kürthi

Gabi Kürthi

YuMeiHo® Dan4

Location: Brighton

I am Gabi Kürthi, 4 dan. level Yumeiho® therapist.

Based in Brighton, I dedicate myself to treat my clients in a sensitive and holistic way, taking into account all aspects of someone’s life – including occupation, stress level, lifestyle, and general health.

Throughout the years I discovered how interrelated are our symptoms with our mind, body and soul. The magical key is balance! To regain the balance within our inner, entire system. And this is where Yumeiho® therapy is shining out of the other massage techniques: it helps to regain our entire balance.

I firmly believe that Yumeiho® therapy is the most amazing tool to heal or to prevent and to get better physically, emotionally and mentally at the same time.
Fields of expertize: musculoskeletal problems, lower back pain treatment, pregnancy massage and Yumeiho® baby program for prospective mothers.


Mobile: 0 7341 501 159


English, Hungarian and Romanian

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