Ákos Bogschütz

Ákos Bogschütz

YuMeiHo® Dan5

Location: Brighton

Hello, my name is Ákos Bogschütz.

According to my certificates, I am a qualified YuMeiHo® therapist, clinical massage therapist and yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. However these methods are suitable for treating a wide range of symptoms and disorders and I am very adaptable to your needs, during the years I have become specialised in treating lower back pain or lumbago. There are different causes to bring about pain like injury, bad posture, overweight, weak abdominal muscles or distortions of the spine like scoliosis and bulging or slipped disks.

Mobile: 077 4503 5991
Email: lowbackspecialist@gmail.com
Website: www.lowbackspecialist.com


English, Hungarian

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