My YUMEIHO student success story by David Hornbuckle

My YUMEIHO student success story by David Hornbuckle

My name is David Hornbuckle, & I’ve been lucky enough to participate in the first ever YUMEIHO UK course.

We had 2 weekend courses over the period of 2 months before we were taught how to adjust & correct the sacroiliac joint.

My Uncle, who is registered as disabled has had trouble with his back for as far as he can remember.
One specific problem which has occurred, is a weakness in the left side of his body, he is unable to walk up a step or a curb using his left leg first.

He has been to see a number of therapists, however they were unable to cure his issue.

We were talking one evening whilst playing darts at my house & he asked how my back-therapy course was going, I said “Really well, I’m really enjoying it”.
He announced that he wouldn’t mind me practising on him, I said “how about now?”
He replied, “yes please”.
So, I grabbed my mattress which I had in my car, brought it in & laid it on the floor.
I checked his pelvis alignment which I had just learned & found that his right hip was slightly higher than his left.
I then proceeded to perform YUMEIHO therapy treatment, I adjusted his hip then rechecked the pelvic alignment, both were now in the correct position.

“How do you feel now?” I asked.
“I feel good, much lighter” he announced, moving his body checking his movements out, “feels a lot easier to move now, no pain either, good job.”

He went out for a cigarette in the back garden & came back in.

A while later whilst continuing to play darts, he suddenly stopped in mid throw & announced, “Bloody hell! I’ve just realised I used my left leg to walk up your step & back into your house after having a fag!”
I replied “Did you? That’s good”. Not knowing the impact & significance of what I was about to hear.
“I haven’t done that in 20 YEARS!” he said.

My face was beaming, I was over joyed, never in my life have I impacted someone’s life for the better in such a way, & it is all thanks to YUMEIHO therapy treatment.

I have been continuing with his treatments, getting progressively better as the UK course continues, & although all his disabilities cannot be cured, I am making his life a lot more comfortable using the YUMEIHO treatment system & he is now back pain free.

My uncle is one of the reasons I am learning YUMEIHO, I want to help people like him, who are in need of becoming pain free & are tired of hurting & spending a lot of money on treatments that do not work!

YUMEIHO is affordable & it works, it is holistic, combining deep tissue massage with full body adjustments.

If you have back pain or any other issues, look no further, this is the treatment that got me better in the time of need, but that’s another story….

Thank you for taking the time to read my success story, I hope to be impacting your life for the better once I am a qualified YUMEIHO therapist.

David Hornbuckle
YUMEIHO therapist student

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