YuMeiHo® for dislocated shoulder

YuMeiHo® for dislocated shoulder

YuMeiHo® for dislocated shoulder

On that day I was going to have a morning off but right after a breakfast I had a call from a medical centre where I was practicing YuMeiHo® at that time. My friend on the reception asked if YuMeiHo® therapy can help for a dislocated shoulder. As of course it can help, I asked for more details.

Bike accident and YuMeiHo® therapy

The day before gentleman in late 20’s was on the way to work cycling. Due to road collision with a car (which by the way just hit him and run away) he felt strong pain in a shoulder and couldn’t move it.

Standard medical approach

I’m not sure if it was just his bad luck but that is his NHS experience in a few wards – GP told him to rest and come back in a week if still in pain. After night on emergency unit in hospital he got nothing but the advice to rest for two weeks and I can’t give you more details about that as I don’t have copies of medical record to back it up 😉

First YuMeiHo® session for dislocated shoulder

My assessment and his first treatment were concentrated purely on the shoulder. He couldn’t move his right arm almost at all. It was just up to 5 degrees range of movement each direction from position of his hand (close to a torso with forearm resting on his belly). It was over 24 hours from the accident and the work had to be very precise and gentle to avoid more damage of a soft tissue. After about 40 minutes his range of movement increased up to 45 degrees each direction.

Continuing with YuMeiHo® sessions

We met again the next day and my client looked much better as he could finally sleep. If you ever had bad injury you surely appreciate his joy. This time except of working on his shoulder I was able to perform most of the YuMeiHo® techniques and release tension in his body. Remember that even if you injured severely one part of your body remaining part are compensating and often become overstressed. Bare in mind he was crashed with a car two days ago.

This session was more relaxing and we manage to get between 90 and 130 degrees range of movement in his arm. The pain that has left was coming mainly from damaged soft tissue. I advise next visit in two days and then another 10 sessions once a week.

Additional benefits of YuMeiHo® therapy

On the last session we summarise all the changes. My client notices far more benefits of YuMeiHo® treatments than recovery of his shoulder. He told me about improvement in his general fitness, breathing became easier, he straightened his position and even if it wasn’t a problem before he noticed improvement in his sexual life.
As I’ve moved away from the area I refer him to another YuMeiHo® therapist and he was visiting him regularly once a month ever since his accident.

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