YuMeiHo for athletes

YuMeiHo for athletes

Back to snowboarding after back injury

This client had an interesting story to share with me. As I like snowboarding too we had a lot to talk about.

Last April she was snowboarding in the Alps and on a last day while practising tricks she felt on her back. At first she just couldn’t breathe properly but after about an hour everything except of heaviness in a chest came back to normal.

As you already know my client is a female. She’s 28 years old, active all year through (gym, running, swimming, dancing, gymnastics and of course snowboarding).

After coming back home she expected everything to get back to normal but recovery seemed to be very slow. Of course she came back to normal activities, however, her performance decreased and the pain and heaviness in a chest were keep coming back. She had a few massages but they didn’t change anything in a long term run.

How she found out about YuMeiHo® therapy?

I believe that when you look for answer you’ll get it in I way you wouldn’t expect. I spoke on the phone with one of my athlete client, while waiting for a bus. She just happened to be on the same bus stop and hearing recommendations I was giving to a client. Because she related it to her injury, she simply asked about of my expertise and nature of my expertise.
As always eager to share my expertise I explained what I do and asked if I could help. That was when I find out about her accident on a snowboard. I gave her my business card and latter on that day we booked first session.

YuMeiHo® treatments for athletes

The session plan was intensive as very effective. There were three treatments every other day and then another 4 sessions once a week.

Regular activity always helps to recover and as she was already exercising 4-6 times a week it was easier for me to perform all YuMeiHo® procedures.

Additional benefits of YuMeiHo® for athletes

She noticed an additional benefits of YuMeiHo® therapy. The centre of balance has changed and she was a bit „wobbly” at first but after couple of trainings she felt more centred and straight. She started to enjoy her dance classes even more and finally learned correctly a few dance moves she’s been working on. Balance improved as well in gymnastics and her swimming times got better.

Since then she regularly has YuMeiHo® treatments and introduce this Japanese therapy to many of their friends.

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