Why it’s worth to choose YuMeiHo®?

Why it’s worth to choose YuMeiHo®?

Why YuMeiHo®?

I’ve been trained as a chiropractor in Poland back in 2000. Practicing various techniques while helping my clients I continued my professional development looking for better understanding on how human body works. In 2011 I completed my full YuMeiHo® therapy course and started treat my clients with this Japanese therapy. Deeper understanding and practicing of YuMeiHo® showed me, that this technique is more effective for my clients than classic chiropractic approach.

What is at the basis of YuMeiHo’s effectiveness?

Holistic understanding of biomechanics and biophysics makes, in my opinion, YuMeiHo® therapy more effective. Our skeleton is a bioconstruction. A base of our spine is our pelvis and to be specific sacrum bone. If a position of sacrum bone is not correct our spinal column will always be struggling to stay straight, what might cause discomfort and even pain. Any dislocation within pelvic joints affects spinal and hips joints.

Of course I’m simplifying the whole research done on YuMeiHo® clients however, if you want to improve your health and wellbeing you should always – according to Japanese medicine – look for a source of a problem.

I’ve meet a lot of clients who were treating only “a painful spot” and the pain was keep coming back. Most of them felt better effects right after first YuMeiHo® session.

What YuMeiHo® can heal?

It’s important for you to know, that YuMeiHo® therapy doesn’t heal. It’s complementary therapy that helps to improve your body posture and gives you all the benefits that follow this improvement. When your body is more relaxed physically it’s easier for body fluids to circulate and that allows better regeneration.

When your spinal column and joints are in right position and you feel physical comfort, healing process is easier. In many cases YuMeiHo® therapy gives effective support to people under medical care. Doctors who know how the therapy works often recommend it to their patients.

When should I come for YuMeiHo® treatment?

I recommend YuMeiHo® therapy regularly to prevent back pain however, if you already feel any type of physical discomfort, sooner you have your YuMeiHo® therapy session, sooner you’ll feel better.


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