Office, desk, back pain and YuMeiHo®

Office, desk, back pain and YuMeiHo®

I expect this story to be interested especially for those, who are spending a lot of time sitting by a desk. Long office hours, stress and lack of activities are affecting as well, but not only, your posture and physical condition. How did it start then?

Constant lower back pain

This lady called me on a Monday around usual lunch time. She said that she’d like to book YuMeiHo® therapy session on a first free spot after 5.30 pm – “even today”. I booked her at 8 pm the following day. Looking forward to hear her story I met, looking really tired woman in late 30’s, the next evening. She said that it’s this constant lower back pain, that doesn’t go away but just changes intensity, that she’s coming with. She added, that she knows YuMeiHo® can help her more than anything, because she tried it already while being on holiday abroad.

Her lower back pain started when she was still on university and from then, it was just getting worst. She works long hours in an office and sits most of the time. The pain changes then in bearable discomfort but get up and straighten after that is very difficult. Similar situation is in the morning and getting out of bet is more difficult every month!

First YuMeiHo® assessment

YuMeiHo® assessment showed significant difference in symmetry of pelvis, torso and legs. I explained right away, that if she really wants to make it right, we’ll be seeing each other a lot. Being happy with my logic and simple explanation I just gave her and specific description of what she feels before she could even explain it to me, she declared that she’s sure that she finally met someone, who can really help her! As grateful as I still am for her kind wards I decide to share it with you, hope you’re ok with it 🙂

How fast YuMeiHo® helps

We started with 7 sessions every other day and it was a lot of changes in a short period of time. It started with frequent pins and needles from her lower back level down in a first week. As those symptoms started to fade away sleeping pattern improved and the pain and stiffness in a morning eased off. Then, on a third week a period started and for a change the usual belly ache didn’t show up a day before for a first time. Bleeding was more intensive and lasted for two extra days, however, it was still better than it used to be for a last over 10 years.

Even more benefits of YuMeiHo®

From 3rd week we had two sessions a week for another 8 weeks. There was a lot of additional benefits of YuMeiHo® therapy and they’ve been coming gradually making her life more pleasurable. First and the most important was, that lower back pain eased off and then finally disappeared. In a week five there was only some discomfort in her lower back left (NO PAIN!) and her level of energy increased so we introduce exercises to her daily routine.

Postural changes were very impressive. She stood straight with shoulders pulled backwards and down, shoulder-blades pulled together, belly pulled in and head up high.
Her dynamic and full of energy walk was like if she was back in a high school and she started to attend fitness classes.
On top of the physical changes she took one of my life coaching programs and … changed her job and started invest money. Well … when body is in good condition that’s when your mind starts creating.

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