Lower back pain before pregnancy

Lower back pain before pregnancy

Before back pain starts …

One of my clients, female, 28 years old, came to me because of lower back pain. As we spoke she shared with me, that it wasn’t a pain at first. For nearly 2 years she had unpleasant discomfort in her lower back. Being an office worker her job requires long ours in front of a computer ant hat became her only comfortable position.
While assessing her posture I discovered that she’s leaning to the left side, her lower back look almost straight, whole torso is asymmetric and she slouches.

Good reason to start professional back care!

The main reason, why she came to see me, was recent decision about starting a family. She was worried, that when she’ll get pregnant, the pain will become severe and her “pregnancy will be in danger”.

We decided to start her therapy with 10 YuMeiHo® sessions – 2 sessions a week. In addition to her treatments she started to exercise core muscles daily and introduced breathing exercise in her daily routine.

Only after 3 weeks (6 sessions) she felt much better already.

Side effects of YuMeiHo® treatments

There were of course some side effects! She realised that she’s sleeping better, find it easier to use a toilet in a morning and her libido improved.
On the last session the difference was really significant. Her posture was completely different. She walked into my practice with a smile on her face, stood straight and had definitely more energy.
We continue with another 5 YuMeiHo® sessions for 5 more weeks. At the same time she added swimming twice a week to her regular activities.

How the story developed?

Next time I sow her she was already 12 weeks pregnant and she introduced me to her husband, who decided to take more care of his body and started his therapy right away.
Coming back to my client, she said, that her life really has change not when she decided to start YuMeiHo® sessions but when after her 2nd session. That was the day when she acknowledged the amount of unnecessary suffering she experienced for last 2 years.

*all clients stories are being described in a form, that allows them to remain fully anonymous.

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