Little boy with scoliosis

Little boy with scoliosis

This time my patient is only 9 years old and his lucky to have caring and aware of consequences of scoliosis parents. Even he’s active – football twice a week + game on Sunday and swimming twice a week – his posture started to get worst.

Is YuMeiHo® for children?

As his dad is already client of mine, he asked me once if YuMeiHo® is for children. I explain at once that it’s great way of preventing scoliosis and about all the changes that are taking place in growing child’s body before he had a chance to ask me about more details (I know, I talk a lot) and then asked him about a reason of his question. The answer was, let me put this in his exact words: „Because I’d like to come to you with my son tomorrow”. It was Thursday afternoon and as his son had a break between school and swimming club on Friday, so we’ve arrange to meet.

YuMeiHo® session with child

I’ve met young energetic boy the next day and I could see right away that his tilting to one side and twisting torso opposite direction to compensate. I asked him to lay down and assessed him the way we do it in YuMeiHo® therapy, showing his dad all the signs of possible dislocation and bad posture. He was surprised that his child has such problems even if he’s being so active.
I corrected sacroiliac joints of that boy and the difference could be seen immediately. As my client was shocked by the effectiveness of YuMeiHo® for children, I explained how easy it is for experienced therapist to help children and the impact it can have on a child’s health in a future.

As it is a healthy boy we only had 2 follow up sessions and we’re planning to meet for preventive check-u in six months.

Regular posture check-up for children

Ever since I check my client’s son regularly – usually twice a year – and I’ve seen already quite a few of his friends. Regular posture check-up for children will be here like regular dental check-up and it will benefit children at all age!

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