First official YuMeiHo® presentation in the UK!

First official YuMeiHo® presentation in the UK!

First YuMeiHo Presentation - YuMeiHo Therapy UK

YuMeiHo® officially in the UK

Having a great opportunity to lead the UK branch of YuMeiHo® organisation I decided to invite PhD Maciej Dluski, a gentleman who brought YuMeiHo® therapy to the Europe directly from Japan and learned it from its creator Dr Saionji Masayuki.

As the beginning is always more challenging we invited a lot of people and those who came were very impressed. We explained theory of the therapy, general benefits, structure of the organization and what everyone liked the most – started practical demonstration.

What is our plan then and how we going to promote holistic approach to … more than just a back care?

  • We’ll already have a professional website that your visiting now.
  • YuMeiHo® organization is of Facebook and YouTube to share interesting information and tips.
  • We planning YuMeiHo® course to start this year.
  • We have to share information about what we do on an events like the one we just had.

It’s great that you’re interested in YuMeiHo® therapy! You are already on our official website so:

  • Check who is qualified to perform YuMeiHo® therapy near you and make sure that in regards of YuMeiHo® therapy you use only services of a licensed practitioners. We want to maintain Japanese high standard of service and we regularly check quality of work of our therapists.
  • Keep in touch and feel free to ask a question using our contact form.
  • Sigh up for a newsletter to be first to know about new articles and offers.
  • Follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Of course there’s nothing like experiencing YuMeiHo® treatment personally!

Coming for YuMeiHo® session with a problem is actually second option. Prevention is a key to health and wellbeing so I recommend to see one of our therapist for YuMeiHo® session regularly just to prevent serious problems. Speaking about benefits of YuMeiHo® therapy I’d like to add as well that it’s relaxing on a very deep level.

I say no more but just wait for you to call and then … see you soon!

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