Dealing with pain

Dealing with pain

What is pain?

Pain is your dear friend! As crazy as it might sound pain is actually helping you to survive. All injuries are being signalled to your brain and they come to your awareness as a pain. To make it clear – pain is being created in your brain despite of where you feel it. Pain prevents you from increasing the damage that you’ve done to your body. As an example imagine (or perhaps you don’t have to) you feel lower back pain. Walking and moving becomes difficult and lifting objects is almost impossible. That’s because your body in wounded. Even if you don’t see it on a surface your body, it is somehow damaged or in a direct threat of being damaged and pain simply stops you from getting worst.

How painkillers help?

In my opinion the actually don’t help. They „kill a pain” or … not really. What painkillers do, is killing the awareness of pain. If you take a drug because that’s your chosen way of dealing with pain and it works, the damage that caused that pain is still there. Your body is still in bad condition and because you don’t feel the pain any more, you’re possibly creating more damage. Let face it – if you take painkillers the only thing you change, is your perception and you are being healed but being drugged.

How to get rid of a pain?

Depending, on what the problem is, there are different things you can do, to get better. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use painkillers. Sometimes it’s necessary. I’m not a doctor, so I’m simply just expressing my opinion and some physiological knowledge.
What I definitely recommend, is to search for real cause of your pain. Visit good specialist and demand explanation, on a nature of the causes your pain, not just a cure or quick fix.
If it’s a back pain I’s suggest you to introduce daily back care into your lifestyle and of course YuMeiHo® therapy session.

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