Daily back care

Daily back care

The best way to avoid a back pain is a daily back care

From early age we are being taught to care for our body. Good example of it will be brushing teeth twice a day and visit a dentist for a check-up every six months.
If you read this article it is very luckily that you suffer from back pain or know someone who does. Visiting YuMeiHo® therapist will be definitely very beneficial for you, however, therapy will not replace daily back care.

What exercises should I do for back pain?

There are various exercises that you could use and most of them will improve your well-being and physical condition but for your specific condition experienced expert will have individual instructions.

As human body is made to move we all should do so. Whatever is your favourite sport or activity just do it daily and I’m sure together with YuMeiHo® therapy you will get better.

So what are the specific exercises for back pain?

I recommend core muscles training regularly as basic back care. All my clients after assessment and YuMeiHo® session will receive specific instruction on what to do and how. Of course it doesn’t come all at once. Every time you come I re-assess you and add something new as well as check the progress you have made since your last YuMeiHo® session.

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