Back pain problems epidemic

Back pain problems epidemic

Can we consider back pain as an epidemic?

I’d guess that you read this article because you have whether have back problems or wishing to help someone who does. Without giving you any statistics on that issue I believe, that at least half of people you know complaint, at least occasionally, about back pain. What’s most scary – there are people who don’t complain any more, even if they are in pain, because they got used to it so much, that back pain is for them „normal”. I hope you don’t relate but perhaps you know someone who falls under that category.

How to improve back condition?

The most important is daily back care! Yes, I know it doesn’t sound easy however, it’s easier than you think.
Next think it awareness!
Become more aware of your body as it sends you signals. It lets you know that you’re hungry of thirsty to lets you know when you’re tired and of course it lets you know when there’s something wrong with it using pain as an indicator.
Of course you can visit expert like YuMeiHo® therapist. On the beginning you will need more frequent sessions and with time, your visits will become less frequent to become, at some point, regular relaxing and preventive treatments.

Becoming a back therapist!

Here I’d like to write few words as a Transformational & Small Business Coach. YuMeiHo® therapy is a great opportunity for people, who’d like to learn something new or even change career path. I know that being a therapist is not for everyone, so if you feel like you wanted to contribute and make this world a better place by helping people with back problems, feel free to contact me regarding YumeiHo® therapy course. When I see your heart in it I’ll explain a business side of it.

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