About Me

About Me

Me as a manual therapist!

My professional adventure with massage therapy started in 1999. After I became a qualified general and sports masseur I’ve started learning other massage techniques as well as chiropractic techniques. As a chiropractor, I’ve been working from June 2000 until 2007, when I discovered the YuMeiHo® therapy and its full potential.

While doing a master’s degree in physical education I had a chance to work with professional athletes. As a part of my career development, I’ve been working with people all ages, abilities and various physical problems.

Having a lot of experience as a manual therapist and chiropractor since 2011 I decided to specialise strictly in YuMeiHo® therapy, as I see it as the most effective manual therapy.

Me as a health consultant!

When I was 15 years old I decided to help myself to be healthier than I was. I’ve learned a lot about diet and nutrition. I added nutritional supplements to my diet and my health improved significantly.

Family and friends started to ask me for advice and as always, I was happy to share my knowledge and experience. Talking to people about my successful health improvement and I didn’t even realise that one day I booked my first real client!

Now I still share my experience with clients and talk to them about detox, diet, supplements and widely understood the healthy lifestyle. Due to my experience, I have now more demanding clients. I work with parents of autistic, physically and mentally disabled children, as well as people with cancer, asthma, allergies, an autoimmune disorder, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, MS and many others.

Me as a clinical and regressive hypnotist!

Meditation interested me since I first read about it as an 11 years old boy. Ever since I wanted to know more and more about the human’s mind. The subconscious part of us have a lot of secrets and I discover that meditation and self-hypnosis is a perfect way to hack it.

Since I’ve learned hypnosis and I see how effective it is for my clients! If there was one, the most important thing to say about how it works, I’d say that hypnosis shows you a true perspective of your life and this perspective gives the power to take control over your life.

Me as a transformational life coach!

The above experience led me towards the next profession – life coach! Walking a path of my own personal development allowed me to use and share my experience to lead others. I confirm my effectiveness and became qualified in 2011 to be able officially to work as a life coach.

Whether we want it or not we are still learning how to become more of who we are! Education is not something you have but it’s something you do!

The most important is that my clients transform into happier people and improve their life.

Me as a small business coach!

That’s the newest profession and it came out naturally from my coaching. I run a small business myself and my clients and less experienced therapists wanted to learn how I’ve built it. I see myself rather as a mentor and I enjoy helping others in succeeding professionally.

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