Michal Miodonski

Michal Miodonski

YuMeiHo® Dan4

Location: South London, Tooting, Sutton

I have a wide perspective on health and well-being so whether you are searching for back pain solution or you are orientated on body-mind-soul balance, I am happy to assist you.

I graduated with a Master degree in Physical Education in 2002. Since 1999 I have worked as a massage therapist and since 2000 as a chiropractor.
As well as in YuMeiHo® therapy I possess qualifications in many other manual therapies. My experience showed me that it is YuMeiHo® therapy that I enjoy performing the most as it is a very effective therapy for my clients.

From the age of 15, I started to recommend diet and supplements to my family and friends. Now I continuously help my clients to adjust their diet and obtain the best supplements.

I work professionally as well as a Transformational and Small Business Coach, and Clinical and Regressive Hypnotist.

Please have a look at “About me” tab on this website. For mental and spiritual part of my work please follow me on Facebook and YouTube. You can also visit www.ramante.co.uk


Mobile: 0 7427 642 869

Email: yumeiho@ramante.co.uk


English, Polish

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